Melatih kelenturan badan


Exercise 1

Spine, trunk turning.

Start: Standing, feet wide apart, hands behind the head, leaning forwards.

Action: Keep feet firm and legs straight, push the right elbow across the front of the body to touch the left knee, allowing the trunk to rotate with elbow.

Repetitions: Three attempts to each side.

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Spine, extension.

Start: Standing feet together, arms at the sides.

Action: Step well forward with one foot, at the same time swing the arms upwards and backwards, the head also going back, hold the end position.

Repetitions: Three times with each leg.

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Spine, Flexion.

Start: Sitting with back straight, legs crossed, heels close to buttocks.

Action: Lean forward trying to get the nose to the floor.

Repetitions: Three times.

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Spine, Lateral Flexion.

Start: Standing feet comfortably apart, hands behind the head.

Action: Pull the left elbow towards the outside of the left knee.

Repetitions: Three to each position and do not allow the shoulders to drop forwards.

Exercise 4

Exercise 5

Spine, Combined Movements.

Start: Lying on the back, legs wide apart, arms sideways level with the shoulders. If possible a partner should hold the shoulders down

Action: Keeping both legs straight, raise the left leg and take it towards the right hand.

Repetitions: Three to each side.

Exercise 5

Exercise 6

Hips, Combined Movements.

Start: One leg well forward, the other well back, back straight, hands on hips.

Action: Take the legs as far apart as possible, when you can go no further, hold the position and gently press the crutch downwards. It is important that both feet point in the same direction.

Repetitions: Twice with each leg forward.

Exercise 6

Exercise 7

Ankle (1).

Start: Sitting on the floor, the right leg crossed over a straight left leg.

Action: Take hold of the right foot and take it through a full range of movement.

Repetitions: Each foot exercised twice.

Exercise 7

Exercise 8

Ankle (2).

Start: Hands against the wall, arms straight, feet two feet from the wall, flat on the floor.

Action: Place the left foot behind the right calf, keep the right foot flat on the floor. Gently bend the arms without moving the right heel.

Repetitions: Three to each leg.

Exercise 8

Exercise 9

Shoulders, Forwards and Upwards.

Start: Lying on the stomach, the arms on the floor above the head.

Action: Keeping the arms straight, raise them towards the roof, as high as possible.

Repetitions: Six lifts.

Exercise 9

Exercise 10

Shoulders, Rotation.

Start: Standing with the arms straight out sideways, palms downwards.

Action: Rotate the arms upwards and the to the rear in circles gradually increasing the size of the circles until the arms brush the ears, then decrease the circle size until the starting position is reached. Rest if necessary and repeat the exercise, in the same direction but with palms facing upward.

Repetitions: Once only.

Exercise 10

Exercise 11

Shoulders, Forwards and Sideways.

Start: Lying on the stomach, arms out sideways, palms down.

Action: Raise the arms as high as possible towards the roof, keeping them straight, keep the shoulders touching the floor.

Repetitions: Three.

Exercise 11

Exercise 12

Shoulders, Backwards and Upwards.

Start: Sitting on the floor, hands flat on the floor by the hips, knees bent.

Action: Push the hips forwards and upwards towards the feet, keep the hands flat on the floor

Repetitions: Six presses forwards

Exercise 12

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